Bethel church dating

"GOD HATES FAGS" -- though elliptical -- is a profound theological statement, which the world needs to hear more than it needs oxygen, water and bread. the absolute sovereignty of "GOD" in all matters whatsoever (e.g., Jeremiah , Isaiah 45:7, Amos 3:6, Proverbs 16:4, Matthew , Romans -24, Romans -36, etc.), 2. Better to be a eunuch if the will of God be so, and make sure of Heaven.

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-30), have been finally given up by God to uncleanness to dishonor their own bodies, to vile affections, & to a reprobate mind such that they cannot think straight about anything (Rom. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Heb.

Some recent pictures: [nggallery id=20] This is a brief guide which is meant to accompany a short walk around St. There are some pictures of the church above, but you will see far more if you come and look around, won’t you! Often we fall back on calculated guess work or the opinion of ‘experts’.

Welcome to the Parish Church of Cil-y-Cwm, dedicated my centuries ago to St. Take a walk with me around the church and the churchyard. Sometimes there’s a real clue and here we just might be lucky!

We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his holy Apostles, and not the teachings of man. We are undenominational and have no central headquarters or president.

The head of the church is none other than Jesus Christ himself (Ephesians -23).


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