Struggle with dating as a single mom are matt cardle and rebecca dating

Single moms often hang in limbo waiting for child support that never arrives or paying attorneys to pursue what should be paid.

There always seems to be a little less in the checking account than what your kids need.

Because truly–for children who may struggle to feel secure or like their lives are stable after a divorce–nothing could be worse.

A teenage mother, an unmarried mother, or the divorced mother.

All share the common theme of having the struggle to raise their kids without the comfort of a husband, despite the age gaps.

Shutterstock While strolling through social media recently, I came across a post from a beautiful young lady that was quite baffling.

I won’t say verbatim what the post was about, but to sum it up, this young lady was telling anyone who would listen that she was frustrated with motherhood because she couldn’t find a decent man to help her.


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