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Both art and other literary references show that the erômenos was at least a teen, with modern age estimates ranging from 13 to 20, or in some cases up to 30.Most evidence indicates that to be an eligible erômenos, a youth would be of an age when an aristocrat began his formal military training, In poetry and philosophical literature, the erômenos is often an embodiment of idealized youth; a related ideal depiction of youth in Archaic culture was the kouros, the long-haired male statuary nude.So I did and was very impressed by numerous things that I found inside.See for yourself and get instant access right now to all the action.Hi there, I am about 35 years old and here is the story that took place not long ago, I remember everything vividly and I still can’t believe it really happened to me.

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He left on Friday evening, I took him to the airport and promised to come back on Monday. While the waitress was away, I had time to look around and noticed two pretty girls sitting right next to me.

I had two full days until Monday and I decided to use them. They were around 18-19 and from what there were talking about, I got that they just finished high-school and were thinking what to do after that.


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