Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

That's been going on for more than 400 years, the predictions of Michel Nostradamus remain a big mystery to many of his interpreters, and ordinary people.

As you know, text consists of two parts: the multiple applications and quatrains. However, the nebula quatrains rarely gives a clearer look into the future, and only after some event we can say: Here is the quatrain just about him.

Nostradamus wrote this quatrain over 200 years before Pasteur was born.

NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN #1-29 When an aquatic vehicle (traversing) land & water, Quand le poisson terrestre & aquatique, By powerful waves onto the sand shall be propelled; Par forte vague au gravier sera mis; Its strange form mysterious & horrific, Sa forme estrange suave & horrifique, From the sea to the walls, very quickly toward the enemy. CLICK HERE FOR OLD FRENCH DICTIONARY Quatrain #1-29: In this quatrain Nostradamus' describes his vision of the the D-Day invasion of France that began on June 6, 1945.

To understand some of Nostradamus’ predictions dealing with the third Antichrist, the millennium or Armageddon, it helps to recall his own deeply held religious belief — even superstitions — that influenced the things he wrote about and predicted.

Bhagawad Gita Hindu Pooja Slokas Sri Sai Satcharitra Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Valmiki Ramayana Upanishads Sri Guru Charitra Purana Hindu Deities Hindu Festivals Buddhist Festivals Jain Festivals Rudraksha Therapy Ramayana Remedies Religious Remedies About African Continent About Asian Continent About Europe Continent About Eurasia About North America About South America About Oceania or Australasia or Australian Continent Fashion Human Rights People Is it to be all doom and gloom as some read into Nostradamus?

Or were those frightening scenarios merely reflections of the prophet’s own gloomy character and the superstitious, medieval mind-set that produced him? He also had a lot to say about the glorious, golden days that lie before us.

Little is known of his childhood, but evidence indicates he was very intelligent as he quickly advanced through school.

Early in his life, he was tutored by his maternal grandfather, Jean de St.


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