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Brian Garth is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, sound engineer, and producer from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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It was premiered by the Kronos in Seattle in February 2016, and you can now hear it online here Full score & parts here Volume II of the Viola Spaces, duo versions of the original Viola Spaces for two violas has now been published by Schott, and new videos of these can be seen on the dedicated Viola Spaces page on this site.

More info : ECM Records In reply to an invitation from the innovative net-label Shsk’h, Garth Knox recorded this collection of improvisations on solo viola d’amore in New York in November 2009.

Tracks range from «Oriental Blues», improvisations with amplified sympathetic strings, african-inspired running pizzicato, and a track acompanied by the motor noises of a living sculpture.

In my mind, my goal was to completely please our fan base with it." On January 31, 2013 the band released B-Sides & C-Sides Vol.

2, a 20 track follow-up to Black Camaricans, which consisted mostly of the band's "large back catalog of unrecorded or unreleased material".


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