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If you go Wreck the Halls, featuring Bret Michaels, Warrant, Jack Russell’s Great White, L. Bret Michaels: I play over 200 dates a year, sometimes close to 300 with my solo band. In fact, we just got back from Peru; we were headlining a festival in the big soccer stadium over there. I’m blessed and grateful that I get to play so much. SR: Do you prefer performing in arenas and large theaters as opposed to smaller, more intimate venues? Many fans have been coming out for three decades, and the superfans are the ones that get the tickets to those smaller shows that sell out almost instantly. The arenas and large theaters, though – that’s rock ’n’ roll. Are there any other genres you’ve considered exploring?

The Spokesman-Review: What’s your typical tour schedule like these days? Usually it feels like I know everyone in those venues. SR: A lot of your recent solo work has been heavily influenced by country music.

He based dates around his wants and needs, taking contestants out to ride dune buggies, eat steak, and watch live Poison DVDs.

It’s worth mentioning that Bret shamelessly plugged his music throughout all three seasons of There was the porn star Brandi "Hambone" Cunningham, the porn star Brandi Mahon, the porn star Brittaney Starr, the porn star Natasha Mc Collum, the porn star Raven Masterson, and the porn star Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan.

1 single “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” The band’s frontman, Bret Michaels, has since broken away from his glam roots, releasing several country rock albums as a solo artist and starring on the VH1 reality dating series “Rock of Love.” Michaels headlines a metal-heavy lineup of bands at the Arena this weekend, and he talked to The Spokesman-Review via email in the days leading up to the show. It happens anytime, anywhere, but I never think to myself, “I just finished a record, let me take a break.” It just doesn’t work like that for me.

Cost: - through Tickets West Poison was one of the defining bands of the hair metal era, racking up big hits with “Nothin’ But a Good Time,” “Talk Dirty to Me,” “Unskinny Bop” and the No. I have a studio in all my homes and on my bus, because you never know when inspiration will hit.

Hosting the fun and games is Ricky Rachman, who’s still hanging on to the fact that he used to be sort of cool when he hosted MTV’s Headbangers Ball back in the day, which of course was also back when Bret Michaels was not yet a has-been.

You have management consultants, bartenders, farmers, and software salespeople. Bret wasn’t just there for love, but everything in between... In the three seasons of the show, Bret expressed his interest in the dozens of women who showed up by unabashedly making out with every contestant upon first meeting them, commenting on their “smokin’ hot" bodies, and happily accepting his fair share of sexual advances from anyone who offered.was a roller coaster ride of emotions and rock; a roller coaster filled with strippers, porn stars, and the goddamn lead singer of Poison.It was one of the best dating shows on TV and remains demonstrably superior to is that it culls its contestants from real life.They were loud, crude, angry, and swore like (really hot) sailors. Take season one’s runner-up Heather Chadwell, who literally got the name “Bret” tattooed on the back of her neck.Take episode two of season one, in which the girls compete in a phone-sex competition while Bret’s dick is hooked up to a penile plethysmograph that measures the blood flow to his penis.A lot of artists don’t get to hit the same markets as often as I do. Michaels: I’m always experimenting with different genres.


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