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Although your actual costs may be higher or lower, based on these assumptions your cost would be: The Fund pays transaction costs, such as commissions, when it buys and sells securities (or “turns over” its portfolio).A higher portfolio turnover rate may indicate higher transaction costs and may result in higher taxes when Fund shares are held in a taxable account. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC” or the “Commission”) ruled that Former Neuberger Berman Analyst Sandeep “Sandy” Goyal, whom the SEC previously barred from the securities industry after he pled guilty to insider trading, could participate in the industry again.Goyal admitted to providing Diamondback Capital Management LLC, where Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson (defendants in ) were portfolio managers, with insider information from Dell employee Rob Ray.Subject to approval by the Fund’s Board, any waiver under the Expense Limitation Agreement is subject to repayment by the Fund within the three fiscal years following the year in which such waiver occurred, if the Fund is able to make the payment without exceeding the 3.00% expense limitation for the year repayment is requested.

Lung infections account for another 22% of Staph infections, whereas bacteremia accounts for 25% (source).ABSSSI accounts for around 30% of all Staphylococcus aureus infections.When Trius files the new drug application in 2013, the label will include a use indication for only ABSSSI.Goyal then argued that the basis for the bar order against him no longer existed and that the bar should be vacated.Holding that administrative bar orders would be vacated only in “compelling circumstances,” the Commission found that “such compelling circumstances” existed in Goyal’s case, where “the basis for the bar imposed has been vacated.” In another related-matter last week, a former health care products company chairman who previously pled guilty to insider trading, George Holley, asked that the Third Circuit vacate a related civil settlement with the SEC because had “revolutionized the law of insider-trading.” Holley pled guilty in 2012 to providing his cousin and a friend with information about Nipro Corp.’s planned acquisition of Home Diagnostics, where Holley was chairman of the board.While there are some standout performers, the majority of funds have been on the losing side of things.


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