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The videos that she uploads to You Tube have received hundreds of thousands of views, attracting both fans and detractors.Julie is but one of scores of maskers around the globe; the most popular masking website, Dolls Pride, has almost 10,000 active members.“So when he sat me down one day to tell me he was a sex addict, I actually laughed – although I soon stopped when he disclosed night upon night of watching pornography for hours on end and numerous short-lived affairs.My life fell apart.” Sex addiction hurts partners in a way that no other addiction can, says Paula Hall, who has written a book on the subject.Julie, an immaculately made-up woman, sits down in front of a camera.

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She considers her image a few moments longer, then places her hands just below her ears and begins to pull her blemish-free skin off and away from her jawline.

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The movie industry, for its part, has released at least five films on sex addiction in the past five years, six if you count both parts of Lars von Trier’s But even now, sex addiction seems to exist in parallel realities: one in which millions of people are struggling with it, and another in which it is barely studied and not even clinically recognized.

Research has yet to confirm that extreme sexual behavior really is addictive in the same neuroscientific sense that, for instance, habitual heroin use appears to be.


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